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Terms of Use

AMM Recruitment Terms of Service

When applying for and using the Recruitment Consulting Service provided by AMM K.K. (hereinafter “AMM Recruitment”), please carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) below.


  1. Definition

Words used within these Terms are defined as follows:

(a) Recruitment Consulting Service

A collective term used for services including matching a Candidate’s information to that of an Employer’s recruiting requirements, providing information on job postings and employment opportunities, consulting on job change by face-to-face or telephone interview, supporting recruitment activity by a professional consultant, and carrying out job application procedures.

(b) Users

Individuals who have applied for and have started use of the Recruitment Consulting Service after gaining approval from AMM Recruitment.

(c) Employers

Companies who have entrusted their recruitment assignments to AMM Recruitment on the basis of a separate recruitment contract.

(d) AMM Recruitment Service Website

Internet websites related to the administration and operation of AMM Recruitment


  1. Application

Application for the Recruitment Consulting Service shall be made in a manner specified on the AMM Recruitment Service Website, pamphlets, advertisements, or other media. For individuals with past evidence of violating the Terms AMM Recruitment currently upholds, even if application and registration has been completed, AMM Recruitment may, in its sole discretion, elect not to provide the Recruitment Consulting Service or any other AMM Recruitment services.


  1. Provision of Service

AMM Recruitment will, in its sole discretion, provide Users with the appropriate service selected from the following:

(a) Verifying information submitted from Users to recruiting requirements received from Employers, as well as provision of employment information based on the results of verification.

(b) Scouting Users judged to best suit the recruiting requirements received from Employers.

(c) Carrying out job application procedures.

(d) Consulting by telephone or interview.

(e) Supporting recruitment activity by a professional consultant.

(f) Any other service AMM Recruitment deems beneficial to the career move of Users


  1. Period of Provision of Recruitment Consulting Service

The Recruitment Consulting Service will be offered continuously as far as AMM Recruitment judges the User has the intention to continue career move activity and a job offer to match the User can be expected to emerge. However, for services specified in the previous clause, as a general rule, provision will be limited to a maximum of one year from the day each User was notified of the start of service provision. During the period of provision, if a User makes a successful career move to an Employer by utilizing the Recruitment Consulting Service, provision of the Recruitment Consulting Service will terminate on the hiring day. Also, if a User requests termination of the Recruitment Consulting Service, it will be terminated as soon as reasonably possible.


  1. Change, Suspension, or Termination of Recruitment Consulting Service

AMM Recruitment may, when necessary, change all or part of the Recruitment Consulting Service without prior notice to Users (including changing the consultant assigned to a User), or may suspend its provision. Furthermore, with prior notice, AMM Recruitment may terminate all or part of the Recruitment Consulting Service.


  1. Reasons for Termination of Recruitment Consulting Service

AMM Recruitment may, in the event any of the following, terminate the provision of the Recruitment Consulting Service without any notification to the User:

(a) When a User violates any clause in the Terms.

(b) When a User refuses to reply to AMM Recruitment without a legitimate reason.

(c) When a User repetitively makes requests beyond the range of the Recruitment Consulting Service.

(d) When AMM Recruitment judges it difficult to maintain a trusting relationship with the User.


  1. Handling of Personal Information

AMM Recruitment will, abiding by the separately established “Guidelines for Handling of Personal Information,” properly acquire, use, provide, and manage personal information of Users.


  1. Accuracy of Personal Information

Users shall provide, to AMM Recruitment and Employers, accurate and complete personal information. In the event personal information provided by the User proves inaccurate or insufficient, and an Employer or any third party objects, demands, or makes requests due to the inaccuracy or insufficiency, the User must handle the conflict with their own responsibility and expense, and must indemnify AMM Recruitment against any resulting issues.


  1. Submission of Documents

Users shall, when requested by AMM Recruitment, promptly submit documents as follows:

(a) Documents indicating name, address, etc., that can verify the User’s identity.

(b) Resident Cards to confirm residence status or a work qualification certificate.

(c) Any other document an Employer reasonably requests for submission.


  1. Verification

AMM Recruitment will verify information submitted by Users against recruiting requirements received from Employers but cannot provide information on the standards or reasons for its assessment. Also, even if AMM Recruitment receives an application request from a User for a certain job offer, after reviewing the selection criteria indicated by the Employer and evaluating the degree of conformance to that job offer, AMM Recruitment may, in its sole discretion, decide not to introduce the User to the Employer, or may notify the User of the lack of conformance to the job offer on behalf of the Employer.


  1. Conditions of Employment

AMM Recruitment will, on confirming the employment conditions or any details of the contract with the Employer, provide the User with such information upon request. However, it is the User’s responsibility to directly confirm the employment conditions and any details of the contract before agreeing to the employment conditions. Users acknowledge and accept that employment conditions as notified by AMM Recruitment may not be identical to the final details of the contract with the Employer.


  1. Management of Passwords

Users shall, in the event AMM Recruitment issues a password in relation to the Recruitment Consulting Service, utilize and manage the password with their own responsibility, and refrain from sharing or conveying the password to any third party.


  1. Prohibited Matters

Users are prohibited from the following:

(a) Provision of false or inaccurate personal information to AMM Recruitment or any Employer.

(b) Obstruction of AMM Recruitment’s or any Employer’s business, or any activity that may tarnish AMM Recruitment’s or any Employer’s social credibility and value.

(c) Mental abuse or insulting of other Users, Employers, AMM Recruitment or its employees, or any other Affiliates or their employees (hereinafter “Affiliates”) connected to the business of AMM Recruitment.

(d) Infringement of copyrights, trademark rights, property rights including any intellectual property rights, confidential business information, privilege, or privacy.

(e) Use of information obtained through Recruitment Consulting Service beyond the purposes of career move activity, or disclosure or leakage of such information to any third party without consent from AMM Recruitment.

(f) Directly contacting, attending interviews for selection, or accepting any offer of employment from an Employer introduced by AMM Recruitment through the Recruitment Consulting Service without notice to and consent from AMM Recruitment.

(g) Failure to attend interviews and screening tests without prior notice, or declining, without a legitimate reason, an accepted official job offer after assent.

(h) Violations of any law or ordinance, public order, or morality.


  1. Fact Confirmation to Employers

AMM Recruitment may, upon recognition of variance between information concerning employment conditions or any other details of the contract notified by an Employer and of that reported by the User, contact the Employer for fact confirmation.


  1. Processing Information

AMM Recruitment may, excluding personal information of Users that can identify a certain individual, use and process personal information of Users for publication in various media edited and issued by AMM Recruitment. In this case, all copyrights and any proprietary rights of the information used will be exclusive to AMM Recruitment.


  1. Elimination of Antisocial Forces

Users may not belong to any antisocial force (an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, a former member of an organized crime group who ceased to be such member less than five years ago, a quasi-member of an organized crime group, a related enterprise of an organized crime group, an extortionist threatening to disrupt shareholder meetings (sokaiya) or the like, a miscreant advocating political activism, an intellectual crime group or the like, or any party similar to any of the foregoing). Furthermore, Users may not make demands through violent means, make or engage in any intimidating statements or behavior, use fraudulent means or force, or otherwise obstruct the business activities of AMM Recruitment. Should the User violate any of these restrictions, Recruitment Consulting Service will be terminated without any acceptance of objections.


  1. Disclaimer

Users who use the Recruitment Consulting Service acknowledge and accept that the use of this Service does not necessarily assure a successful career move, and that in case of any disputes between the User and the Employer on employment conditions or any details of the contract, the User shall negotiate with the Employer at their own responsibility and expense. No liability is accepted by AMM Recruitment for any loss or damage that may arise out of the use of the Recruitment Consulting Service, except for reasons attributable to AMM Recruitment, in which case AMM Recruitment’s liability will be limited to direct and customary losses. However, this shall not apply in case of damage due to criminal intent or gross negligence of AMM Recruitment.


  1. Force Majeure

In no way shall AMM Recruitment be held liable for any damages incurred in the event of delay, difficulty, or incapability in providing the Recruitment Consulting Service due to natural disasters, viruses that cannot be blocked by standard anti-virus software, or any other reasons not attributable to AMM Recruitment.


  1. Liability

Users shall, in the event of inflicting a loss or damage on AMM Recruitment, Affiliates, or a third party by violating these Terms, be liable for the loss or damage caused.


  1. Changes in Content

AMM Recruitment may change the contents of the Terms as needed. The revised Terms shall be posted on a web page linked to the top page of the AMM Recruitment Service Website, and Users in use of the Recruitment Consulting Service continuously after one month of posting will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms.


  1. Unstipulated Matters

Any matter not stipulated herein shall be settled by good-faith discussion, in accordance with Japanese law, between the User and AMM Recruitment.


  1. Court of Jurisdiction

In the event of any disputes arising out of any matter in relation to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the first trial for all disputes.

Posted: November 1, 2016