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Agile Solutions

In today’s competitive climate, the need for agility, flexibility and efficiency is paramount, no matter the business aspect being discussed. Hiring appropriately is challenging already, and the speed at which technology companies must acquire the right talent only increases the level of difficulty. We have the same flexibility and agility that these technology companies require, and can move and pivot to match the speed of technology organizations.

The organizations that benefit the most from a boutique firm partnership are technology companies, early stage and emerging startups, and organizations with very specific needs. It’s no secret that quality talent continues to prove difficult to acquire, with a shortage of top talent compared to the demand for it. The spirit of cooperation present at smaller, boutique executive recruiting firms such as AMM K.K. is essential when locating technology talent, giving individual recruiters access to relationships developed by the entire team.
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If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Areas of Expertise

The right talent, when and where you need them.

Tech companies seeking exceptional talent face a highly competitive market. We offer a full range of talent solutions designed to address your needs.


We help tech companies identify, attract, develop, and retain innovative cloud computing and Big Data analytics professionals.


Change is ongoing and fast paced, We bring the talent to assist your strategic business goals while leveraging the advantages of digital technology.

System Integrations

We focus on helping clients attract, develop, and retain best-in-class consulting and professional services talent across a broad range of enterprises.


Communications industry is undergoing profound changes. We find you talent with learning agility and the ability to deal with an evolving field of play.


Market disruption requires talent who can leverage new technology, and create new and different approaches to stay ahead in the market.


Software firms are looking outside and within to ensure they have a steady supply of leaders who can take them to the next level. We are well positioned to meet your needs.

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